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Professional People, Training, and Tools

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. Every member of our service technicians team participates in training sessions with factory service technicians several times each year. So, whether your bike needs a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time!

When you bring in your bike for repair to A-1 Cycling, our professional bike service technicians will always start with a free, no obligation estimate of the recommended service. Our service experts will discuss your riding style and riding needs with you and carefully explain what is recommended, always respecting your choices and your budget.

Our full schedule of repair options will allow our service writers to provide you with a written detailed estimate.

Now With Our NEW Dedicated Service Center

  • Often simple repairs are done the same day, sometimes while you wait
  • Dedicated mechanics working without interruption
  • Whether it is minor repairs, tune-ups, overhauls, or custom bike builds, if parts are in stock, the work will generally be finished in just two days.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire’s gone flat? Did you hit a pot hole and knock your rim out of true? Sometimes you cannot plan when your bike needs attention. Bring it in! If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we will let you know when to stop by to pick it up.

Come in, call or e-mail us soon so we can make that important repair or adjustment and get you back on your bike ASAP!

Now Accepting Appointments

If you prefer the convenience of an appointment, we will let you know how long the repair will take so that you can plan accordingly. If it can be ready quickly, you might want to browse the store to see what is new while you are waiting. A-1 Cycling generally honors a two-day return for service and repair.

Most appointments will allow you to drop off the bike in the morning or the night before and then have it back by 6:00 that evening. Appointments allow you to stay on your bike longer and get it back quicker so there is less down time off your bike.

If you have a race or trip planned, an appointment will keep you on schedule with minimal downtime.

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