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The Specialized BodyGeometry (BG) FIT program was developed after years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Even the best cyclists and coaches can miss small details that can lead to serious injuries over the course of many miles on a bicycle. Dr. Andy Pruitt, renowned for his expertise in preventing and treating cycling injuries, has consulted with professional athletes throughout his career. Using computerized pedaling analysis, he has made it possible for countless athletes to achieve the elusive perfect bike fit, thereby, dramatically improving their performance.

The BG FIT program is the most comprehensive bike fit education in the cycling industry. The process has been refined into a step-by-step fit process delivering personal, hands-on bike fit to help cyclists ride faster, longer, and with greater comfort. A-1 Cycling is proud to serve our customers with a fitter that has achieved a Master Certification level for your bike fit needs.

BG FIT "Technicians" are trained by the medical consultants and expert staff at Specialized to analyze each rider's unique attributes, pedal stroke, and body position. With information gained during the assessment, we optimize the bike and equipment to match the rider's biomechanical profile.

Specialized BodyGeometry FIT training builds upon the understanding of cycling biomechanics and an in-depth look at fitting for time-trial and triathlons. Unlike other fit systems available from the industry today, BG FIT is the only one to combine trained fit technicians, breakthrough fit tools, a detailed and dynamic fit assessment process, plus ergonomically enhanced bikes and equipment. To be specific, without this combination of ingredients, you simply are not getting a BG FIT.

Certification ensures our fitters have an understanding of neutral bike fit philosophy, comprehensive physical evaluation skills, and the ability to conduct complete Specialized BodyGeometry fittings.

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